Construction Academy 2016 – Session 3

Construction Academy 2016 – A Successful Session 3 for Nanwalek Students

Here are a couple of pictures of the students from Nanwalek who are a part of the Construction Academy in Seldovia. Students are learning about framing, wall layout and putting it all together. This weekend, they put up 3 walls for a shed, one wall had a window that they had to figure out how to place in the wall. Then on Saturday they built smokehouses to take back to Nanwalek when completed in session 4, which will be November 4th and 5th.  The students are so excited, they were amazed that the walls to the shed went up so fast, and they said, “ I think I could build a house.” The smokehouses, they helped design are based on the way they smoke fish in Nanwalek.  It was great weather and they had a lot of fun working 10 hours this weekend.

1610-construction-academy-session3b-resized 161015-construction-academy-resized

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