Susan B. English School
Parent Advisory Committee
Site Based Decision Making Council



The name of this organization shall be Susan B. English Site Based Decision Making Council.


The Council because of its strong belief in public education in Alaska, advocates

continued improvements of instruction and facilities for all the students of Susan B.

English. The Council believes this is best accomplished through communication

among school staff, parents, students and community. Through this cooperative

effort, Susan B. English School students will be prepared for adulthood in a safe and

positive environment.


The purpose of the Council shall be to assist the Susan B. English School

Administration and Staff in the Site Based Decision making process and to provide

planning and input for conducting and pursuing improvements in facilities and

education at the Susan B. English School.


A. Composition. The Council shall be composed of nine members:

1. Principal

2. One certified staff members

3. One classified staff members

4. Three parents

5. One non-parent community member

B. Qualifications.

1. Parent and non-parent community members may not be permanent

employees of the district assigned in any capacity to Susan B. English

School. Council members may not be a district Board of Education


2. Certified and classified staff Council members must be assigned to

SBES for at least 50% of their schedule. They must be members of

KPEA or KPESA if required by the negotiated contracts.

3. Any parent / guardian of a child enrolled in SBES during the period of

elected service is eligible for election.

4. Any person who does not have a child enrolled in SBES and who resides

in or has a business in the SBES attendance area, is eligible for election

as non-parent community member.

5. Any SBES student is eligible for election.

Revised: 10/29/02

C. Elections

1. All certified and classified members will be nominated and elected

between April 15 and the end of the school year to serve the following

school term.

2. Certified and Classified staff Council members will be nominated and

elected by their peers as described in the negotiated contracts.

3. Parent Council members will be nominated and elected by their peers.

Voting will take place during the Borough or City elections in October.

4. The non-parent community Council member will be nominated and

elected by the council.

5. The student member of the Council will be selected by the student

council of SBE.


1) The term of office for certified and classified staff members starts and ends at the regular scheduled meeting in August of the appropriate year.

Elected parent representatives begin and end their term at the regularly

scheduled meeting in October. Non-parent community member will be

appointed in October and seated at the regular meeting in November.

2. The student member will serve for one year.

3. Elected parent representatives will serve for three years, with one

position coming up each year.

4. For continuity on the Council, the one non-parent community member

will serve a one year term ending October, 1996. Thereafter terms will

be two year.

5. There are no term limits.

E. Removal and Replacement of Members

1. Any member who no longer meets the requirements of Council

membership will be removed from the Council.

2. The Council may remove a member from the organization by a vote of

two–thirds of the majority of the membership. A member may be

removed by the membership whenever, in their judgment, the best

interest of the organization will be served. Such removal shall be for cause.

3. The term of any member of the Council will terminate automatically in

the event of three unexcused absences in succession, or in the event of

six absences for any reason, excused or not, from the regular meetings

of the Council during one year. Excused absences are those duly

announced and granted by the Chair, subject to the approval of the



A. The Council is authorized and shall engage in all discretionary functions

permitted by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Site Based Planning

Procedures and in all appropriate measures deemed necessary to carry out

such discretionary functions. These discretionary functions include, but are not

limited to:

1. The interviewing process

2. In-service plans

3. School staffing plans

4. Curricular Initiatives/Projects/New Courses

5. Co-curricular activities

6. School policies

7. School budget

8. Scheduling

B. The Council shall on an annual basis, set forth student achievement goals with

yearly performance targets based on the District’s assessment policy and other

indicators identified by the District. The Council will annually evaluate its

performance in reaching the targets.

C. The School District supports the concept of shared decision making as a

strength in the instructional process. The Principal remains the sole

administrator of the school and will operate the school within the normal

constraints of the district, including working with the school council.


A. The Council annually shall elect by a majority vote of the entire Council, a

president, a vice-president, and a secretary at the first regular meeting of the

school year.

B. The duties of the president are as follows:

1. shall preside at all meetings of the Council;

2. shall be responsible for conducting the affairs of the Council;

3. shall be responsible for executing the policies of the Council;

4. shall communicate to the Council such matters and make any

suggestions which will promote the welfare of the School.

5. shall be responsible for the conduct of the Council in strict conformity to

the policies, principles, rules and regulations of the Council, Kenai

Peninsula Borough School District and the State of Alaska.

C. The duties of the vice-president are as follows:

1. in the absence of the president or during his/her incapacity to act, shall

perform the duties of that office;

2. shall perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned

by the Board or President.

D. The duties of the secretary are as follows:

1. shall issue notice of all Council meetings;

2. shall keep accurate minutes of all Council meetings;

3. shall have charge of all books, records and papers.

E. All officers shall be elected for one year or until their successors are elected.

F. An officer may be removed from office at any time by a vote of two-thirds of the

majority of all the Council. An officer may be removed by the Council whenever

in its judgment the best interest of the Council will be served.

Revised: 10/29/02


A. The Council shall meet once each month at Susan B. English School during the

time school is in sessions and as necessary when school is not in session.

B. Meeting times and dates will be decided prior to the conclusion of the previous

meeting in consideration of the varying work schedules of the Council


C. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or any other three (3) members

upon 72 hours notice to the other members.

D. In points of question, the proceedings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of

Order. Decisions, unless otherwise specified, shall be made by majority vote.

E. The secretary shall maintain minutes of all Council meetings. The minutes shall

be sent to the superintendent of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

F. At the conclusion of each school year, the Council shall prepare a report of

goals and objectives accomplished for that year. Such reports shall be

maintained in the Council files.

G. Files shall be maintained at Susan B. English School in the office of the

principal. These files will be available to all members of the Council, parents

and other constituents. Files will be kept on file for a period of five (5) years.

H. All meetings of Susan B. English School Site Based Decision Making Council

shall be held in open session and be accessible to the public.

I. A quorum shall consist of no less than two-thirds of the members of the


K. Agenda:

1. Submission of agenda items: suggested agenda items needing action

must be submitted to the council at least seven (7) working days prior to

regularly scheduled meetings.

2. Agenda: the secretary shall notify the public two (2) working days prior

regarding time, place and tentative agenda of the scheduled Council


3. Limitation: action shall not be taken on items not included on the official

action item agenda. Items not submitted under the seven (7) day

deadline may be added to the action agenda by a two-thirds affirmative

vote of the Council body.


The Council may appoint committees to assist them in carrying out their

responsibilities. Committees are to be advisory to the Council on matters such as finance, public relations, programs, etc.


The Council shall have the authority to make, alter or repeal the bylaws of this

organization by a two-thirds vote of all the members of the Council at any regular or

special meeting of the Council, provided that notice of intention to make, amend, alter

or repeal the Bylaws shall have been given thirty (30) days prior to such meetings.

Revised: 10/29/02


Nothing herein shall constitute members of the Council as partners for any purpose.

No member, officer, agent, or employee shall be liable for the acts or failure to act on

the part of any Council member, member, officer, agent, or employee, nor shall any

director, member, officer, agent, or employee, not shall any director, member, officer,

agent or employee be liable for his/her acts or failure to act under the bylaws, or



It shall be a policy of this Council that membership on the Council may be extended to

anyone, subject to District approved qualifications, without regard to race, handicaps,

age, sex, marital status, economic status, religious or political affiliation.

Approved. , 2003

Revised: 10/29/02

Susan B. English School

P.O. Box 171

Seldovia, Alaska 99663




DATE: _____________________

I wish to submit the following agenda items for the PAC/SBDMC Meeting date:


Ways to Achieve / Solutions






____________________________ _______________

Signature Phone Number

—————————————do not write below this line——————————–

Action PAC/SBDM Council has taken on this issue:




Suggested solution? Ways to Achieve.




Revised: 10/29/02

Susan B. English School

P.O. Box 171

Seldovia, Alaska 99663




DATE submitted:

Date of PAC/SBDM Council for this to be an Agenda Item: __________________

We/I (circle one: student, council member, citizen, KPESA, KPEA, Administrator, other) wish to submit the following agenda item for consideration by the PAC/SBDM Council:




Why is this an important issue ?




________________________________ ________________

Name of Person Submitting Report Phone Number

Please put this in one of the co-chair person’s school mailbox within seven (7) days

of the next scheduled PAC/SBDM Council meeting.

—————————————do not write below this line——————————–

Action PAC/SBDM Council has taken on this issue:




Revised: 10/29/02

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